Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences.

Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences.


‘Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences.’ is the first practical guide written to help developers and design professionals understand the capabilities of the exciting new world of technology.

Written in a non-technical style, this book outlines the ‘Intelligent Property Design’ approach to make buildings smarter, more efficient, more sustainable and safer. The end result? Better user experiences.

With more people than ever before relying upon technology as a competitive differentiator, there has never been a better time to connect smarter technologies into your next property development.

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‘Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences.’ is written for property development and design professionals who recognise the potential that technology could bring to their next project, but don’t know where to start or who to turn to for advice.

Written for those who want to lead successful project teams

This book has been written from the perspective of those who want to lead project teams to successfully implement new technologies that create smarter buildings and environments.

The principles outlined can be applied to a wide range of building types such as commercial buildings, residential apartments, hotels, mixed-use precincts and master planned projects.

Written for those who want to collaborate

As we are well aware, design is a collaborative and iterative process. There is no one individual or company that can do it all. Investment managers, development managers, marketing managers, project managers, architects, engineers, specialist consultants, suppliers, authorities all come together to collaborate on the creation of buildings and places. Everyone has a role to play and everyone has a position in the project team that can influence the outcome.

Written for those who want to innovate

If you are a person who wants to be innovative, create market differentiating, profitable and valuable solutions in the property industry with the use of technology, then this is the book for you.

How is the book structured?

‘Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences.’ is structured in three main parts aimed at logically guiding the reader through a vision, concepts and a structured framework for successfully delivering smart building projects and better user experiences.


‘Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences.’ outlines the Intelligent Property Design process by describing three key phases and eight key steps to delivering successful smart building projects.


“Technology is moving at a substantial pace and this book clearly and concisely articulates key strategies on how to achieve innovation in the built environment.” 
Darrell Smith – Director Facilities & Energy, Microsoft Corporation

“This excellent book explains relevant strategic planning and design issues concerning intelligent building technologies. Written in plain language, it facilities decision-making, which can ultimately lead to enhanced revenues and cost-savings.” 
Ron Zimmer – CEO Continental Association of Building Automation

“This is a book written in an engaging style that all designers should read in order to understand how to plan an innovation strategy for their next building project.” 
Derek Croome – Professor Emeritus in Architectural Engineering, Reading University

In this book Bruce has addressed not only the future of IT in facilities but most importantly, the current realities of IT in facilities. 
Tom Shircliff & Rob Murchison – Co-founders, Intelligent Buildings LLC

“As we move from a period of buildings with no intelligence to smart, connected, high-performance buildings, we need to totally rethink everything. Bruce’s insight and perspective will help those interested in smart buildings to better understand this important subject.” 
Jim Young – CEO, Realcomm

“Traditional procurement models and conservative developers have prevented new buildings capitalising on today’s technologies. This is the first book I have come across that not only addresses these issues but also lays out a framework that will guide progressive and visionary building owners into a connected efficient, exciting future.” 
Tony O’Shea – Managing Director, Intelligent Building Management Services.

“Bruce Duyshart is one of the true pioneers and visionaries in technology in property.” 
Howard Berger – Managing Partner, Realcomm

“This book is set to become a foundation stone on how people can use technology to design and deliver advanced buildings in the future.” 
Paul Dearlove – Technical Director, Intelligent Building Management Services

“This book is a pleasure to read. It is essential reading for anyone interested in design and implementation of smarter buildings.” 
Hari Gunasingham – CEO, Sigma Sustainability Institute

“Very soon, we will all need to form a strategy on how to best navigate from the status quo of traditional building design to a new era where every aspect of property will be fundamentally transformed by technology. This book is the perfect guide for those who want to innovate with technology and create smarter buildings.” 
Deb Noller – CEO, Switch Automation

“Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences offers both simplified insight and logical methodology for tackling a complex industry problem.” 
Shaun Klann – Vice President, Intelligent Buildings LLC

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