Next speaking event 23rd February 2016

I’m speaking at WORKTECH16 Sydney at Dockside Pavilion, Darling Harbour. Tuesday 23rd February 2016, 9:00am – 5:30pm. The Symbiosis of Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces Increasingly the workplace of the future is being info fenced by the evolution of Smart Building Design. Bruce’s presentation will explore how smarter tenants are using technology to create spatially and environmentally efficient workplaces, but …

Sophie GallopNext speaking event 23rd February 2016

Next speaking event 4th June 2015

I’m speaking about Smart Buildings at the Vivid Ideas ‘Future of Work’ at Google HQ in Sydney. This exclusive one-day event offers human resources professionals, business leaders and managers with tools to shape their workforces for the future. Hope to see you there. Vivid Ideas -Future of Work

Bruce DuyshartNext speaking event 4th June 2015